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This week, at work, I’ve spent a big portion of my time writing. I’ve also spent time pitching our products, which I normally don’t do at all. But back to the writing topic, I do love writing, and apparently, I had forgotten about it. And as quite a few of the things I love, I love and hate writing at the same time.

I love and hate swimming because when I don’t go swimming (which nowadays is pretty much always) and think about it, I realize how lazy I am.

I love and hate traveling because it’s so exciting but I can’t avoid thinking I would be better off living in a different part of the world. But I don’t want to keep moving. Or do I?

I love writing because it’s so liberating. But I hate writing because it’s so frustrating.

Writing gives me freedom and  lots of energy, it makes me want to turn up the volume of the music and fly. I believe that language is BEAUTIFUL. And picking the exact words to say what you want to say, although not easy, is very fulfilling.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a storyteller. I wanted to write stories for kids and have someone make movies for children based on my stories. During high school, I wrote not only a personal diary and regular letters to my friends, but also short stories and some poetry too. I even won some minor contests. Truth is, when I look back, I think it was the best way I could’ve chosen to deal with my teenager problems.

Sometimes when I’m writing I like noisy atmospheres. The reason why is when I realize it’s noisy, I also realize how concentrated and focused I’ve been, and believe me, concentration is not one of my best qualities. Other times I prefer it dead silent, otherwise nothing comes out of me. And for happy, laid-back writing, I like music. But not all types of music. I especially like Seether and today I added Bush to my list of preferred bands to listen while writing. I guess Nirvana would be a no brainer, but I’ve never tried, and I don’t feel like doing so… at least not yet.

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