Fun times at Russian River

Last year Ignacio and I went wine tasting in Napa for the fist time. We stayed in Santa Rosa and Guerneville, loved the weather, tried a few nice wines, fell in love with one or two, had lunch in a ‘masia’ (a very authentic one, Catalan style!) and were absolutely delighted by such nice weather (in April). We also stopped at the Charles Schulz museum and got to know Snoopy a bit better.

This year, in June, I went back to Napa for a bachelorette party with some friends. And again, we had an amazing time. It may’ve been the wine, it may’ve been the weather. It may just be that life-is-good. At the last winery that we ended up, the guy kept pouring wine after the tasting, a lovely lady tried to make a swimsuit for one of us… and most of us dove in the swimming pool in our underwear.

It looks like I had had not enough Russian River, so a week after there I was again. The visit had not been planned, we just stopped at the Russian River Brewery to grab a bite with our new friends who we had met at the Digital Detox. Long story short, we spent two hours waiting for a lunch that, none of us realized, had not been ordered. Oh well, perks of a weekend without any notion of time. All I can say is that it was a very entertaining conversation. Fun times.

Last weekend, all of a sudden, I was back in Napa. I went canoeing for the first time. And I swam in the Russian River, also for the first time. Canoeing was fun, and we were lucky enough to witness a gorgeous sunset.

Sunset at the Russian River, by @jakej

Sunset at the Russian River, by @jakej

But I was also lucky to be part of an adventure with Kristine and Jake on our way back to San Francisco. My dad taught me it’s the small things that make us happy. And this was one of those moments, a ride back home with good friends, staring at the sun, enjoying the sound of the wind,…

I hope to be back soon, Russian River.


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