Canciones para…

… mandar a alguien a tomar por c***
Se me ha ocurrido esta mañana hace tropocientos días, escuchando, por casualidad, las dos que inician la lista. Ahí van unas cuantas:

  1. Gettho you (Backyard Babies) “I’m sick and tired of you, so you better don’t touch me”
  2. Lazy (Lagwagon) “Does the word die mean anything to you?”
  3. Hooker with a penis (Tool)
  4. “Before you point your finger
    You should know that
    I’m the man,

    And if I’m the man,

    Then you’re the man, and
    He’s the man as well so you can
    Point that fuckin’ finger up your ass.”

  5. Cool to hate (The Offspring) “Yeah I hate everything/ I even hate you too/ So fuck you”
  6. So what (Metallica) “So what, so what/ …/ Well, who cares, who cares what you do/ And, who cares, who cares about you, you, you, you, you, you/ So fucking what!”
  7. I don’t care about you (Guns’n’Roses) “I don’t care about you/ Fuck you!/ I don’t care about you”
  8. My plague (Slipknot) ” You fuckin’ touch me I will rip you apart”
  9. Sense respecte (Sangtraït) “Ser-te infidel és excitant/ Canviar de pell al teu davant/ Dir-te que sí que ets important/ Riure per dins, veure’t plorar”
  10. There’s no home for you here (The White Stripes) “There’s no home for you here girl/ Go away/ …/ It’s hard to look you in the face when we are talking/ So it helps to have a mirror in the room”
  11. Shut your mouth (Garbage) “Just shut your mouth, if you can do it”

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Una respuesta a “Canciones para…

  1. Oriol

    Existe esa lista GrooverShark?


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